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I Think I :iconaxurel:Axurel 2 15
He’s as unassuming as they come. The cigarette dangling from between his broken lips is never moved, but neither lit. Lines define his grizzled visage, bags under his once bright eyes. They’re dull these days, a metallic blue; hard after the destruction of his world and one true love. Cid Highwind wasn’t always this way, but this is how the Restoration Committee knows him, have always known him. A hard worker, reliable, honest, astute... someone who has always been there and will always be there for them. Someone who has lost everything, and will do his best to restore the world he loved.
And as he taps away at a keyboard or helps with the planning of the Restoration, only one person knows there’s so much more to him than meets the eye.
Plink. Plunk.
Plink. Plunk.
The world was gray.
Plink. Plunk.
The walls were gray, the floor was gray.
Plink. Plunk.
Even the sheets and the curtains waving in the wind were gray; as though the decorator of such a dismal place had
:iconaxurel:Axurel 2 12
.endless blue skies. :iconaxurel:Axurel 1 3
The reality was even more devastating than he ever could’ve imagined. There were no soft words, no sweet goodbye. It was as though nothing ‘before’ had ever happened – there was now only ‘after’ and the broken promises that lay scattered between.
“I’m leaving you.”
The simple words cut through the air and managed to wrestle past his every defence; cutting open and laying bare his broken heart. Leon licked his lips as a cool breeze tossed his hair, letting nothing show beyond his steel facade. There was no way he could crumble. Not now, not ever. This was his punishment; it’s what he got for letting someone in. He would learn from this. He would grow from this and never make the same mistake again.
Cloud’s ice gaze hardened the more Leon searched his eyes; but no matter what he tried, he could read nothing from them. No lingering feelings, no regret, no remorse. They were as they always had been, before... blank. Cold. Empty.
:iconaxurel:Axurel 3 8
Artistic Attempt :iconaxurel:Axurel 4 6 Schoolies '08 :iconaxurel:Axurel 4 27 The Music :iconaxurel:Axurel 1 25 Sophie :iconaxurel:Axurel 0 14 DA ID - writer :iconaxurel:Axurel 2 16
AR - Running
I tried to run from him.
I ignored his gasping breaths as his footsteps followed behind, the way the air tore through his lips like silent screams. Every now and then he’d reach for me as I slowed to regain my energy; but soon I would be running again, scared that he would catch me. His voice echoed in my ears, our last conversation to this moment. Again and again he had tried to tell me that I was worth something to him, that it mattered if I was gone. Again and again I would rebuff him, shrugging as if his emotions were nothing to me and letting his heart’s plea for my attention go unanswered as I lost myself in my own silent struggle.
He didn’t understand what I had to do; he would never accept the consequences. By the time he did, it would be too late.
Finally, I reached the gate. The solid silver loomed far above me; I knew it was locked but I was hesitant to make the call to stop. The brick wall to either side did nothing to quell my apprehension; but neither did i
:iconaxurel:Axurel 4 21
20 Writing Prompts
20 Writing Prompts
“This shouldn’t hurt.” She said quietly, soulless eyes downcast.
An empty street, once filled with colour and life, was far more desolate than one that had always been barren.
My shadow crept across the wall as I waited; the clock’s ticking dragging me through each long second with hope for the next.
I’d read between the lines, but it didn’t mean I liked what I’d found.
He dropped his head, the fatigue of days finally seeping into his abused muscles; the last of his strength finally gone.
“Look,” he’d said softly, pointing at the night sky and the only light that littered the velvet night; the stars. My eyes shot back to him quizzically, the unspoken question on my lips. He laughed as he always did, eyes creasing in his merriment. “When you’ve finished counting all the stars in the sky,” he said, voice dropping to a whisper, “that’s when I’ll come home to you.”
You could see h
:iconaxurel:Axurel 176 51
Mature content
The Leaking Stranger +CRACK :iconaxurel:Axurel 0 30
At World's End
He could feel it in the tremble of his knees and the tightness of his chest; the sweat on his palms and the ache of his muscles. He could feel it in every laboured breath he took as he attempted to keep himself from throwing up. He could feel it in every single bone of his body as he struggled to drag himself forward to the middle of the room, each pondering step a silent victory; a mockery of the power of the ones who kept him here.
This was it. This was the end.
If he was going to die, he was going to die with dignity.
As the darkness around him faded a little with a light source he couldn’t identify, Axel could make out the faces of the executioners who would seal his fate. They lined the walls, laughing and jeering, calling him names and taunting him about his imprisoned friends and family. He merely lifted his chin and ignored them, continuing the silent task of putting one foot in front of the other. It was only a few small steps, however, that he realised his destiny was cl
:iconaxurel:Axurel 4 20
Room Meme :iconaxurel:Axurel 5 55 IT'S OVER 9,000 :iconaxurel:Axurel 1 50
1. Crackfic
2. Sephiroth angst
3. Emotions
4. Failed attempt at middles
5. ?? Akuroku
6. Smut
7. Angsty Aftermath
8. Something about smiling...
9. Failed middles
10. Angst
It wasn’t that he hated Leon, or that he was bored and looking for some trouble to pass the time, or even that he was secretly in love with his brunet co-worker and just wanted to get his attention. It was merely that, given the approximate timing of things, the rush that everyone seemed to be in and the general catastrophic state of the office... he didn’t see Leon’s hand there until the last second, and by then it was too late.
Cloud stared, horrified, at the stapler in his hand, Leon’s blood still dripping from the instrument. He could barely believe that such a small piece of metal could be so sharp, and had become so deeply embedded in one person’s hand. Not to mention, he could scarcely believe that one small wound could produce s
:iconaxurel:Axurel 4 20

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.Trapped Angel.Wallpaper-fied. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 22,508 1,536 Naruto: First Date :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 4,261 744
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KH: nobody t e r m i n a t e d :iconxxxwhitewolfxxx:xXxWhiteWolfxXx 21 13
Forever In My Memories-Aerith :iconyume-rie:Yume-Rie 1,102 345
Cheating Death
A young woman rested, exhausted against a dilapidated wall, taking refuge in her solitude and the suffocating atmosphere and scent of decay. She breathed deep into her lungs, slowly exhaling a shallow release. Ignoring the hollow void filling her chest, she hummed tunelessly, sunlight falling over her hair, hanging lifelessly over bruised, emaciated cheekbones.
She stroked damaged fingernails over her perforated veins, blood-red cuticles pressing into the shame and depression of a drug-induced existence, as if wishing to release her grief and pain. Broken chords echoed in her mind, an uneasy dissonance of imposing dread.
She dragged her body across the floor, pulling the child to her with unnerving desperation and sickness. Unfolding the soft, deep blue curls of the blankets, her eyes swept over a tiny pale wrist, lying open against the darker background, fragile bones casting a striking dissimilarity to the heavy cloth.
Exposed and vulnerable, the delicate body gently rose and fell, i
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 12 28
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